Beoplay E6 Earphones

Designed as an urban lifestyle essential, Beoplay E6 delivers a consistent high sound performance in challenging environments and brings forward some of Bang & Olufsen’s latest design innovations. The cord has been braided for a lightweight, playful statement and the housing has been designed to resist tear, sweat and moisture.

Bang & Olufsen’s mission to add magic to the music experience has been accomplished by embedding small magnets in the earpiece design. When you are done listening to music, simply click the earphones around your neck for effortless wear. Clicking the earphones together will automatically power down Beoplay E6 to save precious battery life.

Bang & Olufsen


In Australia, the Beoplay E6 will be priced at a recommended retail price of AUD$449 in two colours, black and sand. Available online, in Bang & Olufsen stores, and selected retailers from September 2018.