B&O PLAY E8 Wireless Premium Earphones

Wireless earphones are rapidly taking off and B&O PLAY are not missing the boat.

Over the last 12-18 months, I have seen B&O PLAY, a company built on the foundation of Bang & Olufsen who have 90+ years of experience in sound expand their range. This year they have released their latest Autumn/Winter seasonal collection, premium earphones with active noise cancellation and now they are entering the wireless world with B&O PLAY E8.

The E8s are premium “true wireless” earphones complete with Bang & Olufsen sound. Very quickly they have replaced my wired earphones which now seem old-fashioned (no more tangled earphones!).

To share my experience with the E8s I want to start with the leather case they are housed in because it is where the journey with these begin every day.

Beoplay E8 Wireless Earphones Guy Australia

Every morning I take this small pebble-shaped case with me which is small enough to fit in my pocket and house my own E8s. While doing so the case charges the E8s on the go. The shape and feel of the case in a way reminds me of the B&O PLAY P2 pebble-shaped speaker but more so, remind me of a case which would hold a pair of earrings – exactly what the E8s remind me of.

In the same way, jewellery feels personal, the E8s started to feel personal to me.

The two earbuds have a silver aluminium ring around the embossed B&O PLAY logo which give off this earring-type appearance. In the same way, jewellery feels personal, the E8s started to feel personal to me.

Each earbud is magnetically attached in the case, easily taken out with a slight pull ready to be placed in each ear. I have found a slight twist is the best method while doing so to ensure they are most comfortable. B&O PLAY state they will fit most ears, however, do come with some different sized tips.

Interestingly the right earbud is the one which does a lot of the wireless communication with my iPhone but the left also wirelessly communicates to the right. Both earbuds know when they’re in my ears and are ready for my music – it is both smart and a very cool integration of technology.

The Bang & Olufsen Sound

Like anything audio, be a speaker or headphone the quality of the audio is essential but to some degree, we all hear music a little differently. To combat this the E8s can be personalised and tunned to match audio closer to what you prefer using the B&O PLAY app.

At the end of the day, the music you will be experiencing from these is the “Bang & Olufsen” sound.

I have found audio from the E8s to be crystal clear. I remember playing songs I enjoy listening to on repeat and being able to hear parts of the song I couldn’t before. Quickly I found myself getting lost in the song.

Another reason why the audio experience with the E8s is so good is that they do a good job at blocking the sounds from around me. The chatter from other commuters and noise of the train quickly became inaudible. At times though I did want to hear my surroundings and this is entirely possible by simply tapping and holding the left earbud.

While I did find the audio to be clear, I have found the bass to be not as strong as other products from B&O PLAY. At the same time, too much bass can potentially have the earbuds vibrate in your ear which I don’t think would provide the ideal feeling. Then again, B&O PLAY provides the ability to up the bass a little in the app.

Overall, considering just how tiny these are, the sound quality is impressive.

B&O PLAY is known for their premium designs and quality audio, both of which the E8s meet.

If you’re looking for quality wireless earphones then these are likely for you. They feel personal, they’re stylish, they provide a great audio experience and have smart touch controls.

Being wireless and so small bring in the question of battery life and the common question I received “do they fall out?”. Just like earplugs don’t fall out, the E8s won’t either. I found the E8s to be decent in regards to battery life, lasting about 4 hours. Expect to charge these every night though.

Beoplay E8 comes complete with a premium leather charging case, five ear tips and charging cable in Black and Charcoal Sand and retails for AUD 449. The Beoplay E8 will be available at, Bang & Olufsen stores and third party retailers including JB HiFi and Harvey Norman from 12 October 2017.

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  • Earbud: 23mm x 20mm x 25mm
  • Charging Case: 73mm x 47mm x 33mm 
  • Aluminium, textile, polymer, silicon and leather
  • Right (Master) 7g
  • Left (Slave) 6g
  • Charging Case: 45g
Loud Speaker
  • Electro-dynamic driver, 5.7 mm diameter
  • Bluetooth 4.2 · AAC codec
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz
On Device Controls
  • Volume control
  • Play/Pause
  • Transparency Mode
  • Calls
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Earbud battery
    • Capacity: Right (Master) 85 mAh, Left (Slave) 60 mAh
    • Up to 4 hours playing time at moderate volume
    • Capacity: 365 mAh
    • Gives 2x additional charges for the earbuds

Compatible with Beoplay App which will enhance your experience with Transparency Mode and ToneTouch. Three different levels of Transparency Mode, accessible in B&O PLAY App.

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