Beoplay M5 Home Speaker

The Beoplay M5 is a high-end wireless home speaker, one which can function on its own or be paired with other speakers around the home bringing music to every room or the one you choose. It is packed with all the audio and technology you would expect but what really impressed us just as much is its design and exterior texture.

The M5 speaker is one that is designed to fit within the interior design of your home, rather than stand out. To achieve this industrial designer Cecilie Manz chose a changeable woven textile for its exterior fabric, topping it with an aluminim disc surfce which rotates ever so slightly for controls (such as volume, pause/play, etc).

It is simple, minimal, and in a way, you could be excused for thinking it wasn’t a speaker at all.

What We Love

We ask ourselves, what feature do we love most?

While I am no sound engineer the choice of shape – a cylinder, seems to be key as to why the sound produced from this speaker is nothing short of incredible. – Ben

The selection of material is one of the reasons why I love this speaker so much – this is not just any woven fabric either, but one which has been designed to enhance acoustics. – James

Beoplay M5 Home Speaker Interior Design
Beoplay M5 home speaker top surface control
Beoplay M5 Home Speaker

Where To Buy

The Beoplay M5 speaker is available in Australia for a recommended retail price of A$899. It can be purchased in two colours including black and natural.

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