Hover Passport Camera Drone

Most drones require you to learn how to fly it, potentially involving a large learning curve but the Hover Passport Camera Drone is different. It is self-flying. By using both face and body tracking technology giving it the ability to automatically follow you – and does a good job at doing so.

The drone is also one of the safest drones on the market because the blades are encased and protected with-in its shell. This exterior shell is made from one of the strongest yet lightest material available… Carbon Fibre. At launch, Apple even demoed the drone inside their selected stores because of its ability to automatically stop when it senses a person.

The self-flying feature is a big part of this drone, however, the app provides a number of other features including a birds-eye view which sends the drone high above you, points the camera down and captures photos and videos. There is also the ability to manually fly the drone like any other drone.

What We Love

We ask ourselves what feature do we love most.

The self-tracking feature by far is the most impressive aspect to this product. – Ben

The birds-eye feature. It automatically flies directly above you and captures photos from interesting perspectives. – James

Hover Camera Passport Drone Photo ExampleBirds-Eye View

Where To Buy

The Hover Passport Camera Drone is available exclusively from Apple.

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