Aurora Wireless Wall Lighting System

The thought of controlling lights wirelessly still seems like something in the future, but the reality is there is now a variety of wireless lighting systems available. One of the latest, Aurora by Nanoleaf has fast become one of my favourites to use in my home for a variety of reasons.

Many lighting systems use globes, however Nanoleaf has designed the Aurora system to be wall mountable, a series of panels which easily attach to walls (and removed if necessary) in any configuration you want. Each of these panels lights up individually in up to 16.7 million colours or in shades of bright white. Although this is the start of endless possibilities…

Hey Siri, turn off the bedroom lights.


As they support HomeKit, Apple’s Home Automation technology build into iOS, I’ve been able to control the lights from my iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch by using the built-in Home app, the Nanoleaf app, or simply by asking Siri.

This includes asking Siri to “Turn on the bedroom lights”, “Dim the bedroom lights to 50%”, or even asking Siri to change the lights to a certain colour scheme. Without failure, it happens. More impressively, I have been able to set an automation where the lights will turn off as I leave the home, or on if I arrive home after sunset – automatically.

White Light. Millions of colours

Each panel is adjustable to 1200K-6500K white light ranging from a soft warm sunset to bright white daylight. They are also colour adjustable to 16.7 million colours. The ability to change colours can be really fun, I’ve even set a number of scenes which automate the lights. For example, in the morning the lights will slowly increase in brightness with the panels set at orange to create the sense of sunrise.

As much as I’ve found it fun to change colours what surprised me most is how great these lights are set at white. Not only can you set the lights to shine in white, you can adjust the spectrum of white light if you wish. From a bright white light to a softer warm white.

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What We Love

Being able to control them automatically with Siri and just how well they light up the room. – Ben

The ability to set colour schemes to create mood lighting. – James

Questions we’ve been asked

Are they very bright?
Yes. I’ve currently got them placed in my bedroom, a fairly large sized room. The wall lights are bright enough to light up the entire room on their own. You can also set the level of brightness.
Can you set it to white?
Yes. You can set the panels to light up with white light in addition to colours.
Are they removable?
The panels are attached with adhesive stickers which are strong but easily removable. I’ve been able to remove the panels from the wall without any paint damage etc.

Where To Buy

To get started you need to purchase the Aurora Lighting System Starter Kit. This kit includes 9 modular light panels, 28 Double-sided adhesive mounting strips, mounting stencils, power-unit, and more. You can also expand your wall lights with additional panels.

The starter kit is available at most major retailers including Apple where they are offering free delivery or pick-up and 14-day free returns.

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