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BookArc available now for Mac Pro

Earlier in the year I had a chance to look at the BookArc möd from Twelve South, a wooden stand for your MacBook Pro/Retina.

This time around they’ve expanded the BookArc to the Mac Pro. Rather than being wood, it’s chrome matching the exterior material of your Mac Pro, standing it horizontally rather than vertically. Twelve South takes the effort to point out it’s perfectly okay to have your Mac Pro on the side, as it’s mentioned in Apple’s own manual.

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Personalise your MacBook with Rutledge BookBook series

Tailored from premium leather, each of these BookBook cases for both MacBook and iPad models is a unique work of art with it’s vintage style appearance. In the words from Twelve South “No two look exactly alike.”

Protecting your device on the outside is two hard covers, joined by a rigid spine while the inside is lined with an interior that is soft and padded.

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